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Birth of GreyJamz greyhound pajamas

My husband and I have been adopting retired racing greyhounds for over 10 years. 5 years ago we found a small farm in rural Maryland. I then started to take in special needs horses as well. Our farm is a peaceful place that serves as a retreat for animals in need.

We named the farm Greytful Acres

Pond at sunset

As the temperatures got colder I started to look for something to cover the "kids". I was amazed at the vast array of fashion available for our fast friends.

When shopping for my own two hounds, Ozzie and Fiona, all sites I found were backordered.

So- I learned to make greyhound clothing out of necessity.

After trying several pattern prototypes I found a combination of materials that seem to fit BOTH my kids. Ozzie is 74-78 lbs and Fiona is 64-67 lbs depending on the season and number of treats they can convince my husband to give them.

In the future we will be expanding the size range (which translates into me convincing my husband we need to add another big boy to our happy family)

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