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Tips to reduce static shock when using your greyhound pajamas

Winter is on its way. With the dropping temperatures and falling snow is the need to heat our homes.  Cold air holds less moisture. Air processed through central heating gets drier.  Dry air=static shocks and well..... its a bane of winter you cannot avoid unless you manage to raise the humidity in your house >30%. Tips: 1) Air dry the Pajamas. Using a heated dryer can introduce charge into the pajama fabric.  If you must use the dryer, add a damp washcloth to the dyer for the last 10 minutes of the drying cycle. Allow the dryer to carry out the rest of the drying cycle....

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Now offering Monster Mash PJ's for Halloween!

Don a Halloween pattern and muster up greyt courage to go out and trick or treat!      

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Greytful Acres is seeking greyhound rescues to profit share

Greyhound Rescue connection

Greytful Acres Fashion is starting a profit share program with rescues across the United States. A portion of each GreyJamz purchase placed through rescue referrals will be sent  every month. If you are part of a rescue organization please email us through the website and we will add your rescue to the list and create a unique code to share with your adoption community!  It is important that we all support our local rescues. Often the costs are not completely covered by adoption fees and the operations can use every dollar they can get. Let's help those hounds find their forever homes!

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Our models running in various styles and weather

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New Stye Offered- Snap cuffs

We have a new style to offer- Pajamas with a solid color body and contrast sleeves. Banded cuffs are looser and offer a snap closure for easier on and off. New colors and styles to be added shortly!  

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