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Greyhound Pajamas - a winter blessing!

How many cold winter nights have you woke to your greyhound staring at you with sad eyes, whining in your ear, licking your feet, and begging you for a spot in your bed? Or in the case of those who already share our bed, experienced the not-so-subtle squirm and snuggle to get closer to you and share body warmth.

We get up, cover them with a blanket (or 12) and try to fall back asleep. They drift off to sleep within a matter of seconds. A few hours later we repeat the process all over again... and again: we tuck them in and they roach, turn, or bed fail.

Change the pattern with GreyJamz greyhound pajamas!

Our Jamz are made to fit the contours of the greyhound's physique so both you and your hound can finally get a good night's rest!